Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Enya Music Album (The Very Best of Enya)

The Very Best Of Enya (CD/DVD)

Music album review

Consist of the initials of the three decades 19 songs, The Very Best of Enya met by the artist, Nicky and Roma Ryan associates. Fortunately, the trio seems to be seduced by a majority of the music that society in General, which is one of those rare collections more "greatest-hits" will be deeply without depriving the listener too. With songs such as "Orinoco flow," "Caribbean Blue" and "Book of Days", in the pool and the manner in which it is easier to appreciate the treasures hidden "Cursum Perficio", "Boadicea", "Trains and Winter Rains" and "Anywhere Is". Also notable Is the inclusion of "May It Be" and a new version of "Aníron (I Desire)," which was released on the music soundtrack for the first chapter beloved Peter Jackson's the Lord of the rings.

This music album release on Nov 24, 2009.
Music style Celtic New Age, Contemporary Celtic, Ethnic Fusion, Contemporary Instrumental
This music album have 19 tracks.

  1. Orinoco Flow
  2. Aníron (I Desire) [Theme forAragorn & Arwen]
  3. Storms in Africa
  4. Caribbean Blue
  5. Book of Days
  6. The Celts
  7. Only Time
  8. Wild Child
  9. Water Shows the Hidden Heart
10. Anywhere Is
11. Cursum Perficio
12. Amarantine
13. Aldebaran
14. Trains and Winter Rains
15. Watermark
16. Boadicea
17. A Day Without Rain
18. May It Be
19. Oíche Chiúin (Chorale)

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Music Artist Bruno Mars

Music artist "Bruno Mars"

Bruno Mars or Pedro Hernandez, born 8 October 1985, near the parents Waikiki Honolulu, Hawaii, Pete and Bernadette Hernández (Bernie) and the Filipino lineage gene Puerto Rico is the manufacturer of the singer and music.

A series of posts to write songs for the late scene only Brandy representation of Elvis, singer, composer/producer Bruno Mars place name in the upper part of the cards in 2010 thanks to the cooperation with b.o.b. for music single rapper (Nothin’ on You). Born in Pedro Hernandez in Honolulu, Hawaii, Bruno Mars career has reached the age of four team young Elvis impersonator nettoieront Uncle Oahu. Ten years later, he was the King of pop music, Michael Jackson, subtitled the concert to show. After its classification with uncle convinced him to move the United States continental and is followed by its dream increasingly singer. Months of frustration and go to now here before Mars, he met the singer Phillip Lawrence, the man who can take his attempt to manually write songs for other music artists. Two would be version Smeezingtons and time (Long Distance), may be registered in 2008 by Brandy R&B music concert happens quickly after that date, and in 2009, when Bruno Mars and contributor Lawrence (Right Round) for rapper Flo Rida, had its first number in their hands. A year later, the Mars will be composing and singing the hits b.o.b. (Nothin’ on You), and the same will be Travie McCoy its lid (Billionaire). Also in 2010, released his debut solo EP, THE better, if you do not understand that the more featured pop mixed materials in research R&B in the year, gave the music album a long, Doo-Wops & Hooligans. The first single from the music album (Just the Way You Are)-simple Billboard music charts on the week before 5 October release.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Music Album (Doo-Wops & Hooligans) by Bruno Mars

Doo Wops & Hooligans

Music album review

Bruno Mars was high mounted on their debut music album, the Doo-Wops & Hooligans, was released in late 2010, he also wrote songs as part of the production successfully Smeezingtons computer and do some music hook (for huge hits by Travie McCoy and B.o.B.) Mars seems to dominate the charts and radio. The first single from the music album, give lush romantic "Just the Way You Are," was in fact topping Singles chart. Mars with a team of producers and composers the music album, but still manage to find a record that sounds like it was written and recorded on a hot summer, sleepy Sunday afternoon. Feeling relaxed and intimate dates back to two factors. two, his voice is the instrument easily documents to his ear, such as honey, Mars played music on instruments personally. Most of the songs from the Doo wops captures this relaxed Groove, "The Lazy Song" and love midnight reggaefied blocking "Our First Time". Mars ill produces sweat on these tracks, travelling down, but the art of the very friendly style. Is not very deep and not poetry, but deliciously playback and sang songs such as "Count on Me" or "Just the Way You Are" projecting the image fusion has hearts older animation. When he became the volume and stimulates the time, but the music album suffers a little. "Runaway Baby" is sufficient cheese with familiar words and clip production. Querena better by some dynamic gradient and production is pleasantly silly "Marry You." (Less say more than "Granada", better). Overview of the Mars as something more than a harmless fascinating is the song which closes the music album. Cee Lo Green "The Other Side" and therefore more complicated b.o.b. and better production and sing. It seems that the only really music soul Mars inverted and gravel. He also registered earlier than the rest of the music album and released in the beginning of 2010. Points and Mars towards may have from the music album, but do. Is the case, the Doo-Wops & Hooligans is the raw material discrepancies, which indicates why the Mars is friendly and popular, but the use of its potential in Publisher or manufacturer.

This music album release on 2010.
Music style Pop, Contemporary R&B.
This music album have 10 tracks.
  1. Grenade
  2. Just the Way You Are
  3. Our First Time
  4. Runaway Baby
  5. The Lazy Song
  6. Marry You
  7. Talking to the Moon
  8. Liquor Store Blues
  9. Count on Me
10. The Other Side
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Music Artist Neon Trees

Music Artist "Neon Trees"

The band from Provo, Utah, from its origin in Temecula, California. Originally created by adjacent Tyler Glenn (vocals, keyboards) and Chris Allen (guitar), the team may its first home in Provo, after add Branden Campbell (bass guitar, vocals) and gamma Elaine Bradley (drums, percussion, vocals).

The band began at the end of 2005, with five members of the original. The name Neon Trees Burger luminous, because father Tyler worked in them. The music band became famous in the framework of the implementation of Provo and Salt Lake City, as it was has been created.

They released AN EP called become different people on their first tour of California in 2006, THE EP promising features as (Snap the Flash), (sister stereo) (Modern Romantics). In addition, the recorded another unpublished during the session (Treehouse Sessions) in 2006.

Programming quickly disappear to a maximum of four members from Branden and Elaine Bradley team joined the team at both low and drums, respectively. In 2008, drummer Killers Ronnie Vannucci Jr., explanations of the band playing music. Vannucci was ska Attaboy passes from the music band Neon Branden Campbell trees. Later, is its record of assisted signal Mercury Records, which was announced by the end of 2008. In addition, the Group was voted the music band city year 2009 week, popular publications, Salt Lake City.

Even if they are different preventive independent news, the band released their debut music album, mercury/Def Jam, clothes, 16 March 2010 (Animal) was elected as the first single and appeared immediately after the week free exclusively on iTunes in March 2010. Perform the song Jimmy Kimmel Live music TV Show on 23 March 2009 from Jay Leno López today may 14, 2010, 18 October 2009, live! Regis and Kelly on November 4, 2009, TBS Conan 25 November 2010 and at night with Jimmy Fallon, 13 January 2011 Mark Hoppus Blink-182 animals selected as his spin magazine's pick of the week. The song was also featured in the commercial in Bologna and remixed by popular American DJ Kaskade. The Group also released four by Glenn Remix EP Tyler digital music.

In the year 2010, the bandwidth music covered by Justin Bieber (Baby) grind (Stand By Me). In the spring of 2010, with q and body percussion Street Open 30 seconds in the tower with the March of the Wild. Bang gong Show Later star in summer 2010, languages MeTalkPretty cards and sunset civil, made a series of 7,000 toured with and lead to the tour 30 seconds in the autumn in March.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Neon Trees Music Album Habits

Music Album Habits By Neon Trees
Music Album review

It is not surprising that the Neon Trees open to American murderers, their Tour 2008 the same kind of texts, hyper-literate and props-inteligentes, exceeding the Habits of debut music album. Quartet of Provo, Utah is not huge ambition and sometimes too heavy, Brandon flowers and society. Instead, the Neon Trees lead targeted and captivating, development unrepentantly songs from vocals with huge and where everything is exactly the allocated time. Although elements of the position of the punk and pop punk danza here and there the riff Stab "Love and Affection" are pure block Neon Trees absorption in knowing how to completely pop music. The first single, "Animal", the accuracy of pop punk uses the properties of its bases and then covered with a light synthesizer, and brasements stack. "In the Next Room" Piano naughty immediately care "The Lovecats" in mind, even if the rest of the music is pure pop, a placeholder for the year 2000 a marquee Neon Trees are notified is almost an hour with the fault of the next, you can leave a little more than exclusivity in their works. However, this mini albums Show pop music indisputable skills.

This music album release on Mar 16, 2010.
Music style Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock.
This music album have 8 tracks
1.Sins of My Youth
2.Love and Affection
4.Your Surrender
6.Girls and Boys In School
7.In the Next Room
8.Our War
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Music Artist Taio Cruz

Music Artist "Taio Cruz"

Taio Cruz born on 23 April 1983 in London Borough of Brent, England. He is an English singer, songwriter and music producer. The composition of his professional career began at the age of 18 years in the writing of collective Tricky Stewart, RedZone Entertainment. Without a doubt, when 21 years of age received the Gaitsch BRIT Will Young 2004 single "Your games" of the grant. Is the founder and CEO of Rokstarr Music London, which, in 2006 he published his first single "I Just Wanna Know". Also in 2006, signed an agreement with Universal Music Group, record companies and branches in the Republic of Island records of the United Kingdom.

Cruz released his second single "Moving On" in September 2007, the United Kingdom, thanks to the top 30. In March 2008, his next single, "Come on Girl" featuring Luciana, reached in paragraph 5, the UK charts. Departure on the music album appeared 17 March and achieve no 17. There was its single "I Can Be", which was the highest in no 18 May. 18 August, "She's Like a Star" was released, was remiksowy Drummond and rapper Busta Rhymes and girls Sugababes group. Later remiksowy appeared on the music album by the Sugababes Catfighting & full, achieved without. 20. Later was revealed that Cruz narrowly lost the ability to write songs with his Rihanna "Umbrella" finally has been registered and ended topping the music charts in the world.

1 September 2009, Cross initiated Rokstarr brand. fashion and accessories brand focus glasses. musicians like Kanye West, Keri Hilson, Shontelle, Kelly Rowland met with their worn. In October, the writer Pete Lewis R & B, Cruz said: "is the burden of personalities all switches spectacles Sun kids Redd, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West ...". Then in the United Kingdom there Saturday, JLS, Daniel Merriweather-everyone was closed by and wrote on their blogs because they are similar. If so, this is definitely my new music album "Rokstarr" and how are my brand of elderly persons focuses on time. "" His second music album, Rokstarr, decades to the success of the international detentions in 2010, with his hit single "Break Your Heart" and "Dynamite".

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Departure                                                    Rokstarr

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Taio Cruz Music Album Rokstarr

Music Album Rokstarr By Taio Cruz
Music album review

Among those music artists, where forward barras-cantante, composer, producer, owner etc Taio futurystyczne Cross dynamically create labels and can be very lucid music so is divided between pop and research, R&B called the essences and Pop, rap and dance music from the list: stars invited as Ludacris (clear single "Break Your Heart") and Kesha (creation of the image Club naughty "Dirty Picture"). The hooks are plentiful in Rokstarr and infectious as is. Manufacturer of cross-border is meeting and package Akon. will.i.am meets dreamt of radio and recording labels. A good sound and the music album along the route, but words are a particular problem and when the ballads appear in efforts, Coldplay-Grand Cross, sounds help, simply highlight how trivial texts. However, after leaving over which has been merged into the background, comes from a master class in which both include a music sound track in year 2010. Breaks in one or both of the stand aspiring producers within the framework of the examination.

This music album release on Jun 1, 2010.
Music style Urban, Pop.
This music album have 11 tracks.

  1. Dynamite
  2. Break Your Heart
  3. Dirty Picture
  4. Take Me Back
  5. I'll Never Love Again
  6. I Can Be
  7. No Other One
  8. Come on Girl
  9. Falling in Love
10. Higher
11. Feel Again
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Music Artist Maroon 5

Music artist Maroon 5

Maroon 5 is a rock band Los Angeles. In school, vocalist and guitarist Adam Levine, keyboardist Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden, bassist and drummer Ryan Dusick formed a team called flowers Kara garage in 1995. The name comes from the small team was "fondness". The band played their first concert in the whisky a go to 16 September 1995 when playing they part of the beach in Malibu, India producers Tommy Allen heard his games and administration and saves with its partners, the composer, John DeNicola (Dirty Dancing).

Most viewed from 2000, with songs such as "this love", "" She Will Be Loved "and" Makes Me Wonder "searches all graphics on the world in mind. Previously, Adam Levine (vocals and guitar), Jesse Carmichael (Keyboards), Mickey Madden (bass) and Ryan Dusick (drums) spent in the second half of the 1990s during Kara flowers also release the music album to retrieve records still attended secondary school. Registration, however, stagnation and flowers Kara is deleted from the list of recovery. Then briefly attended University, all grouped Maroon 5, adds guitarist James Valentine, the scope of the place of the adoption of more by r & b a few years later, the Quintet has officially at the forefront of pop Songs About Jane and shortly will be prematurely, which were changé.

Songs About Jane lead the team into the mainstream, but the music album was an immediate success. Solo Records signed the so-called new Maroon 5 in 2001 and the music album received a response from the summer of Jane June 2002 "Harder breathing" has become a staple of radio 17 months later and quickly was then by wszechobecnej whose steamy music video "This love" (with singer Levine and poorly dressed girl) cortejó crowd that watching television MTV. Songs About Jane came to the top 10 music chart of the Billboard, in August 2004, more than two years later, the granting of individual and further music albums in "She Will Be Loved" and "Sunday morning" contributed to the music album moved more than 2.7 million copies at the end of the year.

The total success of smouldering support focus on 5 Jane, Garnet Wolseley, 1st Viscount, number two recordings palliative-1. 22.03 Acoustics in 2004 and 2005 Friday 13-live from his travels in the world, together with bands like the rolling stones and John Mayer. Their schedules are treated as percussionist Dusick wrist injuries and shoulder, which are often able to play. In the autumn of 2006, Dusick was officially replaced by Matt Flynn (former drummer Gavin DeGraw) and updated the second year commenced in May 2007 effort. Not Be Soon Before Long, the result is less popular than its predecessor, which sold over four million copies in the United States), but I wanted to double-platinum certification when disconnected one stops "Makes Me Wonder".

Maroon 5 has defined its status as a pop-rock pesos, and had links to prove it. Published at the end of 2008, call and response: the remix music album that directory bandwidth from certain remiksowy influential manufacturers such as Mary j. Blige, Pharrell Williams and Mark Ronson. In the meantime, the team worked on the hands of a third music album Studio with different architect veteran rock/country "Mutt" Robert John Lange manufacturer worldwide, released in September 2010.

List music album of this artist
    Songs About Jane                             1.22.03.Acoustic                            Live Friday the 13th
It Won't Be Soon Before Long / Call and Response: The Remix Album  /    Hands All Over-2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Maroon 5 Music Album Hands All Over

Music Album "Hands All Over" by Maroon 5
Music album review

Double blood in their eyes blue, Brown, all corners of the rock group, as a minimum, every song in the Hands All Over power ballad, also close and reorder 5 Groove. The exact opposite of production star John Robert "Mutt" gone, most of the hard rock heavy metal music album in the history of some of the responsible person will break the occupation, but defines characters lang is a key element in focus knack, Maroon 5 and overlap of David is the relative lack of ego can those who you've figured out how. Is without doubt the guy pretty skinny high star clothes-voice-but all in all, Jesse Carmichael, songs, along with keyboardist for a variety of writing music album of his band, the atmosphere inside the disappears and the performance of priority. This dynamic Maroon 5 clean use lang and efficiently. Fat will be communicated-standard, enable song that 12, 40 minutes, 4-minute-and cresting over the sound with the song not each group blindingly bright, almost on the surface of ggalggeumhada incandescent. Similarly, as the Hands All Over group a clean sound and infertility went a sense of soul group. If anything, is the exact assets, as well as the mandatory Maroon 5 lovermen comprehensive, highlighted the echo songs Focus on ourselves. Some of the cut you can sink the hook, but each strip group immediately track music album "Hand All Over" by Maroon 5, cool, stylish.
This music album release on Sep 21, 2010.
Music Style Alternative Pop/Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Pop.
This music album have 12 tracks.

  1. Misery
  2. Give a Little More
  3. Stutter
  4. Don't Know Nothing
  5. Never Gonna Leave This Bed
  6. I Can't Lie
  7. Hands All Over
  8. How
  9. Get Back in My Life
10. Just a Feeling
11. Runaway
12. Out of Goodbyes

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Friday, November 19, 2010

New Age Music

New Age music is music of various styles intended to create artistic inspiration, relaxation, and optimism. The harmonies in New Age music are generally modal, consonant, or include a drone bass. The melodies are often repetitive, to create a hypnotic feeling, and sometimes recordings of nature sounds are used as an introduction to a track or throughout the piece. Pieces of up to thirty minutes are common.

New Age music includes both electronic forms, frequently relying on sustained synth pads or long sequencer-based runs, and acoustic forms, featuring instruments such as flutes, piano, acoustic guitar and a wide variety of non-western acoustic instruments. In many cases, high-quality digitally sampled instruments are used instead of natural acoustic instruments. Vocal arrangements were initially rare in New Age music but as it has evolved vocals have become more common, especially vocals featuring Native American, Sanskrit, or Tibetan influenced chants, or lyrics based on mythology such as Celtic legends or the realm of Faerie.

Music for Zen Meditation (1965) by Tony Scott is considered to be the first New Age album. Many different styles and combinations of electronic experimental and acoustic new age music was introduced in the 1970s including music from Asia, such as Kitaro.

New age music was originally produced and sold exclusively with independent labels. Sales achieved a significant part of the unusual, such as libraries, shops, Gift shops, food stores and message files. In year 1981, Tower records in a view from the top, California, adds such a new age. In 1985, chain retailers, independent record added elements of music, new age and houses a large drives started to show interest in the genre through the acquisition of certain existing labels with a new age, as Paul Winter life music, both artists new age captions as artist crossover jazz Kitaro, Pat Metheny, two all signed by Geffen.

Valentine's day in 1987, rock antigua-los Angeles, transformed into a new age format music radio station has been filled with new CRLs KTWV as KMET Wave. He told management new age music Wave which wavelength reference as a "State of the sentence" instead of "radio station" staff of the station. DJ stopped, announcing the titles of the works, and instead to maintain uninterrupted atmosphere, listeners can call the phone number: 1-800, to discover what music is played. News Breaks have also accepted and called "wave breaks". Santa Cruz (color) began a new era of KLRS, at the same time format.[citation needed] In 1988, Stephen Hill music radio programmes and stations in other cities have followed a lead from the heart space was taken by the NDP dissemination 230 branches throughout the country. Another option is the music of specialized forest music including Starstreams and echo John Dilaberto programme. Most networks have channels of cable television networks of the large play music without Visual effects, a new age, music channels, such as for example the string "Soundscapes" in the selection of music.

In 1989, there are over 150 small independent disks, exemption from the new age, alternative programs and music new age were transported hundreds of commercial radio stations and at universities in the United States and sold more than 40 distributors new age music directories.

List of artist under New Age music style

- Acoustic Alchemy
- Mark Isham
- Tim Wheaton
- Bruce BecVar
- Chuck Jonkey
- Constance Demby
- Davol
- Georgia Kelly
- Nightnoise
- Jon Mark
- Liz Story
- Robert Julian Horky
- David Michael
- Mannheim Steamroller
- Michael Hedges
- Michael Jones
- Osamu Kitajima
- Paul Winter
- Patrick O'Hearn
- Peter Maunu
- Ray Lynch
- Rob Whitesides-Woo
- Richard Burmer
- Max Highstein
- Enigma
- Enya
- Eddie Jobson
- Tim Clément
- Theresa Schroeder-Sheker
- David Arkenstone
- Yanni
- Love Spirals Downwards
- Don Harriss
- Stephan Micus
- Suzanne Ciani
- Harold Moses
- Yas-Kaz
   And Etc.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Music Artist Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber
Music Artist Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber or Justin Drew Bieber born March 1, 1994 in London, Ontario and was raised in Stratford, Ontario. a Canadian Pop-R&B singer. Bieber was discovered in 2008 by Scooter Braun, who happened to come across Bieber's music videos on YouTube and later became his manager. Braun arranged for him to meet with Usher in Atlanta, Georgia, and Bieber was soon signed to Raymond Braun Media Group (RBMG), a joint venture between Braun and Usher, and then to a recording contract with Island Records offered by L.A. Reid.

Creating and selling Platinum debut, music album My World and he became the youngest and the success of one, 2009. Placing of shows on YouTube, was in Ontario native, Bieber, local poetry contest began the second year. Def helped improvisation Bieber Earth auditions video scooter Braun, talent agents, it seems that caught the attention of former Marketing Director from star music album. He that Island Def Jam Chshaacim lead – President – with one quickly saw the signing impressed Bieber registration contract of 15 years.

Bieber his first single, "One Time", released in 2009. Popular support for the music video shows from Canada and United States, Platinum "One Time" is provided by my vmbtaim following year, with the release of the world have replicated. Technically EP ft. 7 tracks of the disc, but the number 6 million copies sold through the Billboard 200 album chart. Less change after my debut world 10-song title with music album My World 2.0 eliminates Bieber of the second half of the world. Add 2.0 was the world head shots, their Pre-8000 or more statements that manage marketing and his fans to show in the back of the booklet of disk appears the mosaic images (especially shaped Bieber vertical). Posted at the top of the Billboard 200 music charts. My World occupied the area in a few weeks later, My World 2.0 and my right,.

List music album of this artist

My WorldPray / Never Say Never (Acoustic 10" Clear Vinyl)My World 2.0

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Justin Bieber Music Album (My World 2.0)

My World 2.0

Review Music Album

Within two months of the release of My world Platinum music album and its top 20 hits almost that perform a single, Justin Bieber pop phenomenon seemed to young people. In just 4 months, the next song, 10 songs 7 will debut later from disk, the appropriate treatment. No trick Flash: Ghost — much of the rest to 2011-2012, in order of sales you must. Ballad of some that may have a vocalist of contemporary scene of adults had happened two editions, defined in pop music is the taste of the music album certainly popular. All rights, Maxim teenager, Bieber and covers all the bases. Listen to an unforgettable dance music pop is light. Feel deeply desire of sound material; Guys love for us-it's the story of all is required for the production of the world ("Stuck in the moment" ft. Bonnie & Clyde-through other failures means 16, sounds song 2010 Sony music Cher functions with a pair of reference zero, Waterfront). Is adequate to the age of music album My World. "And said she is needed most companies" also sing, wink Bain and also cool relief, completely harmless Bieber project images.
This music album release on Mar 23, 2010.
Music Style Pop, Teen Pop, Dance-Pop, Contemporary R&B.
This music album have 10 tracks.

          1. Baby
          2. Somebody to Love
          3. Stuck in the Moment
          4. U Smile
          5. Runaway Love
          6. Never Let You Go
          7. Overboard
          8. Eenie Meenie
          9. Up
        10. That Should Be Me
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

David Guetta Mix Music Bast DJ

David Guetta
Music Artist David Guetta

David Guetta or David Pierre Guetta born 7 November 1967. Originally a DJ at nightclubs during the 1980s and 1990s. Guetta had been DJing around France playing popular tunes, but his brain was particularly rewired in 1987 when he heard a Farley Jackmaster Funk track on French music radio. He taped the track, brought a copy to a gig, and promptly cleared the floor with it during one of his own sets. Things loosened up a year later when acid house came to France and Guetta successfully promoted his own club nights. It was during one of those nights in 1992 that he met Robert Owens, a Chicago-based house legend who was touring across Europe at the time.

He co-founded Gum Productions and released his first music album, Just a Little More Love, in 2001. Guetta released a compilation, Fuck Me I'm Famous, in 2003, named after his party in Ibiza. It included "Just For One Day (Heroes)", a remix music of David Bowie's song "Heroes". Guetta Blaster, was released in 2004 and contained "The World is Mine" featuring JD Davis. In 2006 "Love Don't Let Me Go" was released as a mash-up with the Tocadisco remix of "Walking Away" by The Egg. In 2007, Guetta's third music album Pop Life was released. In 2008 he and his wife Cathy also planned a new event, the event was called "UNIGHTED" which took place in the Stade de France. David Guetta's fourth studio music album, One Love, was released on 21 August 2009. In 2010, David Guetta co-wrote and produced Kelly Rowland's "Commander" from her self-titled third studio album. It peaked at number one on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Songs music chart in the United States, and reached top ten positions in Belgium and the United Kingdom.

List music album of this artist
 Scream, Vol. 5_2002                     F*** Me I'm Famous!_2003                  Guetta Blaster-2004
F*** Me, I'm Famous!: Ibiza Mix '06 F*** Me I'm Famous!: International           Poplife_2007
F*** Me, I'm Famous!: Ibiza Mix '08/Fuck Me I'm Famous: International, Vol. 2/Fuck Me I'm Famous: Ibiza, Vol. 5
One Love_2009

Monday, November 15, 2010

David Guetta Music Album (One Love)

One Love 2010

Title not only full of the usual philosophy, David Guetta, radio rotation love show moniker and mix music album F***I'm Famous!, misleading information about the direction of also hijack devices. This music album is more patchwork keeps track of all the previous editions, a manufacturer of home, the choice, "I Gotta Feeling," peas, Black Eyed Peas have officially, David Guetta. However, resistance of the material, no doubt, especially in TRANS knife "When Loves Takes Over," who stole Coldplay Reef and Ronaldinho add hearing for large margin of the filler. Herky jerky "Electro House that his signature actually"Gettin' Over", the voice of the Gospel and the Gospels often characterized Chris overwhelming Guetta Willis invited." Akon and interpretations of the guilty pleasures are a perfect match "Sexy Bitch" and then a small group B or B-plus material completion half cut SMOS and the rise of Estelle title music track support to another level. Even if everything seems to be built for 12 "and then it's on the music album exuberant but for all music fans Guetta homework, what you want, and then put some."

This music album release on Aug 25, 2009.
Music styles Club/Dance, House, Progressive House.
This music album have 13 tracks.

          1. When Love Takes Over
          2. Gettin' Over
          3. Sexy Bitch
          4. Memories
          5. Missing You
          6. It's the Way You Love Me
          7. Choose
          8. On the Dancefloor
          9. I Gotta Feeling [FMIF Remix Edit]
        10. One Love
        11. Sound of Letting Go
        12. I Wanna Go Crazy
        13. [CD-ROM Track]
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Jazz Music Style

Traditions of Jazz music in Africa, Europe, showcase of the United States in the early 20th century in South Africa Community comes the genre of music. Until now, initial development, jazz music, American popular music of the 19th century were combined by. West Africa in pedigree blue notes, syncopation, polyrhythms, and improvisation, the note is obvious to use vatanodado.

West Coast slang term of music in Chicago in about 1915, first used to refer to the words "Jazz" (also spelled jass bashnim "before") was launched.

Started a variety of subgenres vmtkini mathalot jazz of the 20th century: big band style New Orleans in 1910 early thrill, Dixieland, swing, bebop, dating back to mid-small-small, diverse Latin jazz fusions Africa-Cuban Jazz, free jazz, Brazil 1950 and 1960 's jazz fusion in the 1970s, acid Jazz Funk and hip hop that) is the same of the 1980s and 1990s, Nujazz. The musical world Regions, countries, regions, culture and musical aesthetics of adaptation to draw gives rise to many unique styles with a variety of environments, such as the spread.

Because he waltzes ragtime era halpiim that Jazz Fusion is to define this, can be very difficult. Try jazz musical tradition was defined in terms of people-European music or music history, the African point of view-but using the jazz critic Joachim Berendt claims will try all these unsatisfactory. a definition of issues, get more information about how to resolve the term "Jazz" for the most widespread, you can define. Te a ch Berendt or PE S "sh l through music in black in a European comparison"; Occurs, the definition of art music jazz says other g b European jazz music ' z special relationship with", now the setting ' swing '", "voluntary production and music is the role of the talent" vitality "; Loudness, jazz musicians that reflect the personality.

List of artist under Jazz music style

- Fats Waller
- Milt Jackson
- Rahsaan Roland Kirk
- Art Tatum
- Ken Vandermark
- Joe Williams
- Art Blakey
- Willie "The Lion" Smith
- Mel Tormé
- Kid Ory
- Art Pepper
- Sonny Rollins
- Louis Armstrong
- Count Basie
- Stanley Turrentine
- Horace Silver
- Eric Dolphy
- Louis Jordan
- Sonny Stitt
- Chick Corea
- Bill Evans
- Mingus Big Band
- Glenn Miller
- Frank Morgan
- Sun Ra
  And Etc.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lady Antebellum Country Music Style

Lady Antebellum Country Music Style

Lady Antebellum was formed in 2006 in Nashville, Tennessee, by Charles Kelley, Dave Haywood and Hillary Scott. Scott is the daughter of country music singer Linda Davis, and Charles Kelley is the brother of pop artist Josh Kelley. Contemporary country music that relies on the trio's rich harmonies and impeccable instrumental skills. It was these family connections and music industry ties that helped launch the band. Kelley moved to Nashville in mid-2005 from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where he had been working construction with his brother John. Trying to become a successful solo country artist, Kelley convinced his old middle-school classmate, Haywood, to move to Nashville from Georgia in 2006 so they could write music together. Shortly thereafter, Scott recognized Kelley from MySpace, and they started to talk at a Nashville music club and invited Scott to join him and Haywood in the new group, which assumed the name Lady Antebellum. The band explained to the host, Lisa Tarbuck, that the name Antebellum comes from when the group were photographing "antebellum" homes. The antebellum architectural style describes the large plantation homes in the American South. While photographing the houses one of the group said that there's a great band name in there, and they adopted the Lady Antebellum name shortly after. The trio then began performing at local venues in Nashville before being signed in July 2007 to a recording contract with Capitol Records Nashville. The group signed with Capitol Nashville in 2007 and released its first single, "Love Don't Live Here," which peaked at number three on the country music charts. In an interview with Sirius Satellite Radio,in April 2008, featuring production from Victoria Shaw and Paul Worley and stocked with more country hits. Music album Need You Now appeared in early 2010, and its leadoff single "Need You Now". It eventually sold over three million copies. Scott claimed she was rejected from the hit show American Idol two times.

List music album of this artist

Lady Antebellum                   Need You Now

Friday, November 12, 2010

Music Album (Need You Now) By Lady Antelbellum

Need You Now

Lady Antebellum preceded by reveal to music album Need You Now by issuing title track is the only on the highest point in a geography and five straight weeks was one of their two and are a waste of time, is not linked with the “American Honey,” just two months before this music album in stock audio specifically Scott little, but has a particular form of phrasing and reaches deep into the personal situation of its protagonist, regardless of whether it is a good time girl in celebratory“American Honey,”or wildly in love waiting on hymn of women "Hold on Tight." group companies on the set--mandatory Day-these are "Stars Tonight, which consists of more than a couple of cliché, but a killer guitar riffs and harmonise the infection that co-production by Paul Worley, Lady Antebellum demonstrated that no sophomore slump is on Need You Now. This classification of polished and professional modern brand of symmetry above it their debut as faultless in thousands of songs, music production and performance.

This music album release on Jan 26, 2010.
Music style Contemporary Country, Country-Pop.
This music album have 11 tracks.

          1. Need You Now
          2. Our Kind of Love
          3. American Honey
          4. Hello World
          5. Perfect Day
          6. Love This Pain
          7. When You Got a Good Thing
          8. Stars Tonight
          9. If I Knew Then
        10. Something 'Bout a Woman
        11. Ready to Love Again

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Country Music

Immigrants in the maritime provinces and the Appalachian mountains of the mountain in American music and documents from the old world with more than 300 years. Led some of the most important values, since most of them, this means: "the first settlers were Scottish violin because it can play sound sad and frustrating or bright, bouncy" The Irish fiddle, German derives Italian mandolin, dulcimer, guitar and banjo West African musical instruments are more frequent. Interaction between the musicians from various ethnic groups of musical products unique region in North America. Appalachian mountains at the beginning of 20th century string band was mainly violin, guitar and banjo. This music home recorded at the beginning of music is often called the old classical music.

According to the draft Bill Malone in the United States country music,  "has been introduced into the world of the South". Traditional music has been in the South, the combination of cultural managers, which combines the musical traditions of the various ethnic groups in the region. For example some instrumental works Druid songs and ballads of immigrants, which we now know of ancient music, country music is from. Commonly accepted that British people affect the development of early music. United Kingdom Ireland supplement to the South, the USA including immigrants from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Often, when many people think or listen to the country to see how Americans and Europeans. However, the very style-and, of course, banjo, an important for most of us early-tool songs were African-American. One of the reasons for the country music created by Americans, but often worked also European-American, black and white in rural communities in the South and played with PBS documentary remembers DeFord Bailey DeFord Bailey: Legend of the forgotten. In the 19th century was moved several groups of immigrants from Europe, Germany, Spain, Ireland and Italy, Texas. The group interacts with the indigenous communities and Mexico and the United States has already spent in Texas. This coexistence and prolonged contact developed the unique cultural characteristics of Texas, the roots of culture of the founder.

List of artist

- Tom T. Hall
- Dwight Yoakam
- David Grisman
- Willie Nelson
- Roy Acuff
- Dolly Parton
- Bill Monroe
- George Strait
- Ray Price
- Tony Trischka
- The Judds
- Jim & Jesse
- The Lilly Brothers
- Mac Wiseman
- Osborne Brothers
- The Country Gentlemen
- Vassar Clements
- Norman Blake
- Alison Brown
- Emmylou Harris
- Merle Haggard
- Alan Jackson
- The Dillards
- Bashful Brother Oswald
- Garth Brooks
- Alabama
  and etc.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Music Artist "Ke$ha"

Music Artist "Ke$ha"

Kesha rose Sebert born March 1, 1987 in Los Angeles, California, better known under the name Mononym Kesha songwriter, singer and rapper. PeBe, single mother, he struggled financially support Kesha and his brother, LAGAN ports at a time. You must rely on welfare and food stamps. Kesha is often deal with his PeBe on the stage at the time was as a child. Kesha grew up without a father and no one knows who moved his family to PeBe Nashville, Tennessee in 1991, after the transaction. her often Kesha and his brothers, LAGAN ports and Louis long recording studios and encouraged Kesha sing. Kesha PeBe also learned to write songs and write music would often put together when her got home from school.

At the age of 18 Kesha, Luca was signed by Mr hard drives and Publisher. Although the musicians sing actively since 2005 backup vocals on "lace and leather" of Britney Spears and songs to write for other artists, he only at the beginning of 2009, after one year Flo Rida "right round". Their debut single, "Tik Tok", was released at the end of 2009 has one coincided with the numbers in 11 countries. Her first music album, animals appeared in January 2010, proved a great success, 200 music charts reach the top of the Billboard and debuted at number one in the United States. Since September on nine song EP, Eater at the end of the year with "We R Who We R", Kesha two million albums sold worldwide.

List music album of this artist
        Tik Tok-2009                                     Animal-2010                                    Cannibal-2010

Ke$ha Music Album "Cannibal"

Music Album "Cannibal" by Ke$ha
This music album release on Nov 22, 2010.
Music style Dance-Pop, Pop.
This music album have 9 tracks.
        1. Cannibal
        2. We R Who We R
        3. Sleazy
        4. Blow
        5. The Harold Song
        6. Crazy Beautiful Life
        7. Grow a Pair
        8. c u next tuesday
        9. Animal [Billboard Remix]

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Music Artist Trey Songz

Trey Songz R&B music style
Trey Songz R&B music style

Trey Songz Tremaine Neverson Adlon was born on November 28, 1984 in Petersburg, Virginia. Until such time as a girl military ambitions of Songz, musical career as a child because of shyness, says: the song is a reality for me until others began to note sounds good. Recognized the quality of voice for 14 years, since 1998. You don't want to sing, he started to play with the support of friends or parents at school. Music producer Troy Taylor discovered a talent of Songz in 2000, which led to the signing of a contract with Atlantic records records in 2002. After graduating from high school in 2002, he moved to New Jersey Kazan started recording their debut music album, even if records are not actually start until 2003.

Correct attack must be ", Trey songz style was released by Atlantic records in 2005 and second attempt, Trey day scheduled for 11, during the period of transition in 2007." 2009 single "I Need a Girl" helped to cope with their debut music album with certification or RIAA. Years 2010 released soundtrack "Already taken" landed on the Step Up 3D of a unique partnership with rapper Nikki Minaj bottom-up, in music album "Passion, Pain & Pleasure" in the same year, published in September.

List music album of this artist
    I Gotta Make It-2005                             Trey Day-2007                                 Ready-2009
Passion, Pain & Pleasure-2010

Trey Songz Music Album "Passion, Pain & Pleasure"

Music album "Passion, Pain & Pleasure" by Trey Songz
This album release on Sep 14, 2010.
Music style Contemporary R&B.
This music album have 17 tracks.

          1. Here We Go Again
          2. Love Faces
          3. Massage
          4. Alone
          5. Bottoms Up
          6. Pain
          7. Can't Be Friends
          8. Please Return My Call
          9. Made to Be Together
        10. Pleasure
        11. Red Lipstick
        12. Unusual
        13. Doorbell
        14. Passion
        15. Unfortunate
        16. Blind
        17. You Just Need Me

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Trey songz style

Monday, November 8, 2010

Taylor Swift

Country Pop music artist "Taylor Swift"

Taylor Allson Swift born Dec 13, 1989 was an American country pop singer and actress.
Born SWIFT and highly Wyomissing, PA. and Andrea (born Finlay), women at home and Scott speed broker. Grandmother was an Opera singer. The conduct has a younger brother, Austin. When was the fourth year, won the national poetry competition three sides with a poem titled "monsters in my closet."

10 years computer car shows you how to play guitar three-string stimulating their interest in learning tool. Then he wrote the first song, "Lucky you". She began to write songs on a regular basis and is used as an outlet to help pain, not enrolled in school. She has suffered intimidation and often written songs, express their feelings. SWIFT has launched a karaoke contests, music festivals and exhibitions at home. When he was 12, spend the entire summer to write novel 350 pages, which remained unpublished. The first major report was good performance of the Salon in Bloomsburg. SWIFT participated in high school Game, but it was subsequently homeschooled our junior and senior years. In 2008, received a Bachelor's degree.

Music more rapid impact is Shania Twain. Other factors include LeAnn Rimes, Tina Turner, Dolly Parton and grandmother. While the grandmother, a professional Opera singer is Swift, always tastes better country music. The new years developed a love of Patsy Cline and Dolly Parton. Dixie Chicks, also gives effect to shows "string".

in 2006, she released her debut single, "Tim McGraw", and then the self-titled album, which was told Platinum Recording Industry Association of America and has been proposed for best new artist award at the 50th Grammy Awards. In November 2008, Swift released their second music album, intrepid and Swift won four awards recording Gkrami, including music album of the year Grammy 52nd. And Cannes Lions finished With 2008 number three and six, respectively, with sales of 1.5 million and 2.1 Exceeded 200 Billboard inconsistent fearless 11 weeks. No album spends more time at no. 1, 2000. SWIFT was named artist of 2009 by Billboard magazine. SWIFT has released her third music album speak now 25 October 2010, sold a million copies in the first week of 1047.

The album sold in 2008, the combined four million copies, making it the most popular musician of the year in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan. Forbes ranked most powerful celebrities Swift 2009 income 69th world of 18 million dollars and most powerful celebrities 2010 12 with 45 million. SWIFT was ranked as the 38th best artist of the decade 2000-10 on the Billboard charts. Nielsen SoundScan is held in January 2010 quickly in the history of popular music digital artist with more than 28 million digital tracks sold. March 2010, she has sold over 13 million albums worldwide.

Lists music album of this artist
Taylor Swift-2006                                Fearless-2008                                Speak Now-2010