Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Enigma Music Album MCMXC A.D.

MCMXC A.D. "The Limited Edition"

Music album review

Michael Cretu try simple connection hops link, you can tread rhythms with the Gregorian calendar and the secular more music is designed to optimize the art of the high level of nose, knife in joyfully granted directly to a wider public, not going to happen, collect $ 200. The result is something that should not exist, but not in it's own way of race and culture, the results of the explosion the enemy does nothing when crossing the Italo disco balls and vintage music style. Cretu credit on ear open for what works and why, "Sadeness", the first part of a song called "Principles of Lust" became a hit in the world of the projections. Extracts from the monks plead God without effort planning transparent breakbeat movie, but still strong, the atmosphere bright synth lines and French flute and participates in a way that seems much more carnal spiritual more (comments also expressly as breathing). Male guitar and vocals add approach try anything that the music factory version of the music album, as trying to beat jazz rhythms and horns. If there is nothing so, as well as the time sufficiently first music album MCMXC A.D. year continue to travel beyond the possibilities that may be, in the case of invitations to tender "voice of Enigma," inviting listeners to sit, relax and good voyage music. Definitely Cretu does not attempt to hide something"Callas Went Away" goes straight and adds an instance of Maria Callas, Bell and poultry bat soft, while elsewhere the furrows, rhythms, the monks and the movement of French has happily go on the ice of the company. The only thing missing is a sink in the kitchen, using the entire music album "Mac Arthur Park" of the day.
This music album release on 1990.
Music style Club/Dance, Ethnic Fusion, Ambient.
This music album have 7 tracks.
        1. The Voice of Enigma
        2. Principles of Lust: Sadeness/Find Love/Sadeness (Reprise)
        3. Callas Went Away
        4. Mea Culpa
        5. The Voice & the Snake
        6. Listen Now! Knocking on Forbidden Doors
        7. Back to the Rivers of Belief: Way to Eternity/Hallelujah/The Rivers of

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