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Music Artist Michael Cretu

Michael Cretu
Michael Cretu

Enigma electronic music Enigma is a project founded in Germany, Michael Cretu, David Fairstein and Frank Peterson in 1990. Born Cretu Romania designed Enigma project working in Germany, but based on Ibiza, Spain for their Studios A.R.T. Recording Studio, in the case where the actual all exits to examine the puzzle until today since the beginning of the 1990s to May 2009. Cretu is a composer and producer of the project. Sandra ex-wife Voiced frequently in the traces of the Enigma machine. Jens Gad has been made and played guitar music album three enigma. Peter Cornelius contributed also to the Enigma project in the 1990s. Seven  Music Albums were produced under the name of the project. 1970s, Michael Cretu had his own music career in their hands and some efforts to cooperate with other musicians, also production of music albums and his wife. Enigma project, published a series of music albums on his own behalf, but none of them sold very well. In the interview, Cretu revealed that he believed that his ideas are missing at this time.
Cretu, released in Dec, 1990, after eight months of preparation, the music album MCMXC a.d., Enigma, has received more than 60 sales Awards Platinum levels worldwide. The music album was a commercial success, Cretu, on the first single "Sadeness (part I)" put Gregorian chant and the sexual nature of a dance rhythm that was very special to the ears of the public. Cretu explains that the music album crimes and philosophical topics as life after death, hence the name of the enigma. Already been used one type of Gregorian chant 1987 Sandra seconds "Everlasting Love", not the integration in other parts of the opening song. "Sadeness" sharply increased at the top of the maps and Germany, France. Almost became a hit all over the world. The latest claim that now register the Enigma project Cretu later asleep inspired to underground London.

Before it was released the music album Cretu was cautious response for the next music album, decided may not contain the name of personal sound and especially and is treated as M.C., curve while the music album contains little information about the history of the project, promoting the mystery about the music album, which leads to speculation that Enigma creators was team, a person or group.

In 1993, the producers of Cretu received the offer to compose full brightness silver films soundtrack, but is capable of acceptance of the offer. Instead of in this case come from "Carly Song", ("Age of Loneliness "versions of albums and videos") and "Carly solitude", used in the film and credited to the soundtrack of the movie also.

In the same year began on the cross of changes and obtain the same audience response (6 million copies sold in the course of the year). However, the two music albums, together with the procedure for the issue of music from other sources sampling.

In 1996, the King is dead, Vive Le Roi! (French for "the King is dead, long live the King!") It was issued. The idea of Cretu, the fact that the music album was the smaller of the two previous music albums and then include the known facts is singing Gregorian and Vedic Sanskrit of the Interior. Although the music album also detailed designed by Cretu, in the two previous music albums, cannot achieve the same level of success, which use. And they were the only two of the three persons who originally planned to be released, the third ("The Roundabout") will automatically be canceled in 1998.

Version 1999, screen for a mirrored volume, together with the Carl Orff Carmina Burana examples of four songs on the music album. This time the Gregorian songs were very sweet, but still Shakuhachi grooves and other traditional puzzle remain signatures. Only the "Gravity of Love" and the level of comfort "Push the Limits", that they were released as singles from the music album. Ruth-Ann Boyle olive team and Suzanne Donalds marked its appearance of the first project of the enigma.

In 2001 a new individual right Cretu issued "Turn Around" with their ability to love sensuality devotion: sensuality access to stronger love and ability of devotion: remiksowy completion, which sees in the first chapter of Enigma. Light Show took place Planetarium in Munich with the release of the music album compilation.

Traveller 2003 was seen by many as an overall amendment of the project. Practically all the essential elements of the Enigma project signature (ethnic and chant Gregorian, flute famous shakuhachi) have already been used for this music album. Many fans do not have appreciated this new direction and sales have been breached. Statistically, every study Enigma machine until today sold roughly half its previous version.

To celebrate 15 years of Enigma , a special limited edition called fifteen years was released on the music album, which was the old vinyl LP, large scale, brochures from the graphic art of Leonardo DaVinci disk size and features complete eight CDs. Previous music album, DVD "Remember the Future". and the bonus CD special and exclusive tenant changes, including the most successful project rebuilt on another project. All songs were very different from the original and very sound sleep and was almost drums. The disc also contains one version of "Hello and welcome", released in one.

28 August 2005, Enigma's (cocodrilo-música) management has announced the start of the last of a single project, "Hello and Welcome!," which was originally scheduled to be published in October, but was moved to 25 November 2005, and finally was delivered on 10 March 2006 in Germany. The song was also the music without Rendez-vous with Felix Sturm Boxer German and significantly as a traveller, shows little similarity between the earlier work Enigma.

26 September 2006, the sixth music album Enigma project in the world, which includes a new version of "Hello and welcome", the new song "Goodbye, Milky Way," which, regardless of the previous version, was released as a single. The music album is more techno and pop electronic music than any previous. The concept is based on Science, astronomy, physics, history, and sociology.

DVD retrospective was released on 16 December 2006, containing images Kaleidoscope synchronized with multi-channel music resume.

The end of March 2007, the version of the exposure of private music album remiksowy special retrospective appeared with the iTunes music store. This statement includes 12 new artists Remixed songs as Boca Juniors, Tocadisco, and many others. Some of these songs were previously the original version of the iTunes music albums with retrospective effect, and the release of the DVD, listed above.

Test, seven lives, many faces, Enigma music album was released worldwide, 19, 2008. The first single "seven Lives," is a combination of classical and modern elements.

Statement of Platinum colección-CD 3 appeared 27 November in Germany and 9 February 2010 worldwide. The first CD contains the success of the enigma, the second and third remiksowy is a collection of "Lost Track"-Michael Cretu, musical experience never finished and released before.

List music album of this artist
Enigma project
        MCMXC A.D.                              The Cross of Changes              Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi
Enigma project
           Trilogy                               The Screen Behind the Mirror                        Voyageur
Enigma project
                                    A Posteriori                                Seven Lives Many Faces

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