Monday, October 25, 2010

Blues Music

Blues is the name of a form, the type of music on the community police, mainly deep southern USA in the late 19th century spiritual song fieldwork hollers, shout and sing and remains simple song narration. Is the most common form of Blues, omnipresent in the rhythm and blues, jazz and rock, characterized by special arrangements of tungsten, including 12 Bar Blues chord progression. Regarding the blue notes are sung or played flat or folded progressive (3) and (3) the stage on a large scale, is also an important part of the sound.

Genus based on blues, blues, but has other features such as specific texts, lines, as a framework and tools. The blues are divided into several types, which differ from country to blues villages which were more or less popular at different times of the 20th century. The most famous is the Delta, Piedmont and Chicago blues style. War marked the transition of acoustic electric blues and blues music gradually opened to a wider audience. in the 1960s and 1970s developed hybrid forms, called the blue.

The term "Blues" means "the Blue Devils, melancholy and sadness." the use of the term beginning this value lies in the hoax legal act, George Coleman dark (1798). Although the use of the expression in the music of the police may be older, established in 1912, when the "Hart wand Dallas Blues" became the first author of the Blues. Words often used the term to describe a depressed mood.

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