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Rihanna established hit summer 2005 with her debut dancepop login credentials " Pont is replay "such as of in subsequent years could hit the following (of"SOS"2006, the 2007 shows the"umbrella"by) (2008"Disturbia"). However, good girls an international pop star real regular presence on the graph to make a bad singer's third music album. Born February 20, Robyn Rihanna Fenty, 1988 St. Michael, Barbados, young children won several often won a beauty pageant and talent star quality. Never place where you are live Caribbean Barbados pretty Island, but they saw like a celeb, what to save happen?

Courtesy of Evan Roger and decisive meeting this fame has come. He's from New York was introduced Rihanna to his wife and Barbados island holiday. Rogers annual production of this kind is  "NSYNC", Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Kelly Clarkson, Laura Pausini, Stewart hit he had provided opportunity to save the talent Rihanna. More demonstration of Rogers production, Carl Sturken (second rate syndicated productions of the other half), Rihanna, melting Carter Administration-and that is to say, Def Jam new appointment of is President of interest. "Jay-Z" Carter is recorded. This tends to audition, send and receive Rihanna accepted the location by providing both DefJam hires.

Implemented in the summer of 2005, Def Jam near Pont views, by Rogers and Sturken completely alone music, rhythm of the city of pop songs and Caribbean produced a synthesis animation first batter. Number 2 on the Billboard Top climbing "Pon de play" Hot 100, immediately caught fire, Mariah Carey half challenge rule of the music chart of "we are together belongs to". "First music album broke the top 40 is" love if desired "creating more hits. Young girl like Rihanna, I greatly look at monitoring efforts in three singles and important product hits: graphic peak (the "SOS") and two top ten hits ("infidels, Break It off").

Rihanna's third music album, Good girl gone bad in fiscal 2007 good ongoing success becomes the direction signal changes. Is their last two albums that were unbalanced-Caribbean-isms girls went often poor and anonymous first-rate dance-pop music album and distraught, several hit songs in laminated and proud to work with Jay-Z seems gone-Z's, Ne - Yo's Timbaland and Stargate SG-1. First single "umbrella is the"number one"Disturbia"Take A Bow "shot. "Rihanna's success was one of the pop star's largest on Earth.

When you connect to Chris Brown romantic interests, physical confrontation admitted guilty to the crime of assault is rated R appeared in 2009. And single, controversial most drafting was the first single of the music album "Russian roulette" by Ne - Yo truck-the sound of the new direction, dark singer. One of her singles in first five on the Billboard 200 handmade exceeded the Hot 100, the "rude boy". Patient: rated remix from Chew Fu and the beginning of 2010, revised music album 10 tracks featured was released. Loud, Rihanna fifth Studio album was followed by November production led the Stargate "girls only (worldwide). "

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