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Hymn rock since 2000, the breakthrough single "yellow", Coldplay quickly, new Millennium maximum band or composite introspektiv Britpop honing and allow UK chart drive String Quartet in a permanent resident is made landfall around the world. As a result, perfect timing for the team, also brain Kid A, OASIS, Radiohead released two, founding member fell while was psychedelic experiments to discover on a huge shoulders persistent. United Kingdom audience was happy than to run the reins of fresh rock band hunger and Coldplay with big aspirations and even bigger sound. Parachute Platinum in several countries and their first Grammy Coldplay, 21st century continues to grow in that band, toppning debut music album success record sales and high public profile.

And Chris Martin (vocals / piano), John Buckland (guitar) (drums) champion will man Bergman (bass) was born to music home. 5 Martin, the eldest son of the child as piano and took comfort Tom Waits work later. Buckland, on the other hand, grew up in the heavy guitar sounds of Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. Drummer Scotland native Bergman Funk, indie rock, so on vacation immediately after the first gig Manchester Festival osignade band basic game multi instrumentalist champion, he comes up with Coldplays lineupen. Publish the team members in 1996, not safe in the European Parliament met while studying at the University of London. Saw 500 pressningar, brothers and sisters EP after release. United Kingdom Parlophone records management, was, fall of 5 tars EP blue room enough to win in April 1999. Nod in the media and four Travis, sound simple and charming character was.

Liverpool, he takes place to record their debut music album almost Coldplay Parlophone Studio cents par with. Parachute United States in released in November, will sell United Kingdom singles in the United States was released in July 2000, some of the popular, four basic "yellow", Atlantic Ocean, on both sides became instantly climbing, parachuting, soon to conflict-and eventually exceeded United Kingdom.

Widely popular to debut in 2001, back in the fall of the second music album, toward the Studio's Coldplay intensity riding. He soon after the release of head in August 2002, world tour album around the world and initial blood flow was the. Rotation of the music radio of the normal "scientist" and "time" and I thought that places won Grammy Awards. CD/DVD package Live 2003 who commemorate the nature tour group published and Martin especially on the slot level celebrity won, he actress Gwyneth Paltrow was married in December 2003. Paltrow couple's first daughter, Apple Blythe Alison Martin after April was giving birth.

Coldplay materials in the third music album a few weeks, recording began like end Martin not fatherhood. Previously years producer Ken soon obsolete material recorded by Nelson had, while Danton on (Morrissey, treatment) Coldplay's x & about the adoption process marks first one, "speed of sound" Coldplay, long-awaited first three attempts has sold more than 8,000,000 people and supporting global copy spring 2005 music album followed in June, is the first year.

A few months later, at the same level of trade, U2, Studio famous producer Brian (people with U2 decades to Joshua tree before conspiracy and was) Eno,) from the entries a year was pulled back in 2006,  Coldplay put group of this success and rising expectations generally closed. Beautiful-at least called expanded-name, Viva la Vida or death and finally, his friends came in June 2008. Closer music album world sold 6,000,000 November (including partners hip hop Jay-Z mogulen) released some new records as part of the Boulevard of Coldplay March.

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