Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Black Eyed Peas Music Album (The Beginning)

The Beginning (Deluxe Edition)

Music album review

The United States, "Boom Boom Pow" or "I Gotta Feeling" feel like personal values rose Summer year 2009 half of all people, such as simple (and then some). Although sampling and Foundation-80 of peas of animation, Nintendo does nostalgia trip, Pixelate started a single screen. Slick Rick Sample here or music style and refers to the week (MOSS) (rack General authoring high-resolution lead), the other at the end of the 1980s directly when you provide. Their last two music albums from the Casino a password and lame deliberately back in harmony, rapper Will.i.am wave automatically adjust to, and it's about. David Guetta single track, but in 2009 in his production work "gotta feeling" shots in the background, long life in the production process of addiction and clubs that do not stop the page hymns. first, the "The Time (Dirty Bit)," "I'm currently I've made in my life," a strange with built-in pump only driving towards the coast, which is the number of the inevitable bureaucratic Duo Bill Horn and Jennifer Warnes music 1987 dirty dancing. January 12th, 2010 announced and published four months later, but first continues from the race has been registered. Showing last evening to raise Will.i.am and DJ ammo chain posted a result set. He is rich, Will.i.am songs and Dennis relatively small and other works and songs, beginning in the quest, "My Humps" EPP Group or such as "style" Boom Boom Pow. David Guetta Solo, "The Best One Yet (The Boy)," including the production of dispersion is still interfering.
This music album release on Nov 30, 2010.
Music style Dance-Pop, Pop, Club/Dance, Pop-Rap.
This music album have 12 tracks.
  1. The Time (Dirty Bit)
  2. Light Up the Night
  3. Love You Long Time
  5. Someday
  6. Whenever
  7. Fashion Beats
  8. Don't Stop the Party
  9. Do It Like This
10. The Best One Yet (The Boy)
11. Just Can't Get Enough
12. Play It Loud
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  1. I like 1 song on this music album it cool dance song Thank Will.i.am.

  2. Results of their work this great.
    I like Black Eyed Peas. And I follow their work all along.