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Rap and Hip Hop Music Style

rap music

Hip-hop music is a genre of music, developed in the context of the culture of hip-hop and is defined by four main stylistic elements: a summary of the session, scraping/DJ (or sampling) and adjustments. Hip hop began in the South from the city of New York Bronx in the 1970s. The term is often used as a synonym for hip hop, rap, hip hop, but also refers to the practice of grafting.Hops, also called by Davey d or support voice, is a music style in which the artist spoke Breakspeare, rhyme and verses, usually at the rate of instrumental or synthesized. In jokes, almost always in 4/4 time signature can be created via the sampling or part of a sequence of other songs from the manufacturer, which contain synthesists, live music and rhythms. You can write some rappers, storage, or improvise their texts and carried out the work of the capella rhythm.

Hip hop roots are definitively States and African-American music. West African Griots are a group of artists and poets who are part of the oral tradition dates back hundreds of years, In this music style vocals is similar to the rapper. Signifyine born tradition, dozens of poetry and jazz are all descendants history. In addition, the "Comedy" music serves as Rudy Ray Moore and the blowfly is considered by some as ancestors rap. In New York City poetry, spoken word and music songwriter artists as Poets as the last, Gil Scott-Heron and Jalal Mansur Nuriddin had an influence on the culture of rights was in the late 1960s and 1970s.

Hip hop was raised in the 1970s, when the parties have become more popular in New York, in particular in the Bronx, blocking effects of linking African-American and Puerto Rico. The Embedded block DJ who play folk music, especially with the music types of parts of funk and soul. Positive reception, DJ started to isolate moves drums with popular songs. This technique was subsequently shared Jamaica music version and New York had spread from immigrant Communities in Jamaica. in wried TE had DJ Kool Hertz, born in Jamaica, he emigrated to Italy in 1967. Music version became popular in Jamaica, owing to the sailors and rhythm and blues. Great sound systems have been implemented to meet the needs of the poor in Jamaica may not purchase records and audio dubbing-developed systems. Because it does not particularly dub publicly New York and reggae, Hercules returned worm records funk, soul and disco. Breaks drums were generally short,Hercules and another DJ started to extend the proceedings of two and audio mixer.

Technical, pills such as scratches, apparently invented by Theodore Wizard), beat matching mixes and ultimately developed in beat breaks show, create the basis to be concerned. The same techniques contributed to the spread of the mixture as samples of closure and mix music, often without the knowledge or consent of the original artist, can be treated as the evolution of Jamaica dub music, and become the distinctive style of hip hop. Jamaican immigrants provides voice style rapper offers simple strings of their counterparts, inspired by the tradition of heating in Jamaica. DJ and MC often add call works and answer, often including chorus grounds, in order to enable that Shell collecting thoughts (e.g.. "two, three, Gallo, rhythm").

Later, MC more varied in its delivery of the voice and artistic, containing a brief eng, often with sexual and scatological, subject to variation and entertain the audience. These cables run registered tens, a product born culture. Kool Hertz and the Herculoids were the first group of hip hop to obtain recognition in the city of New York, but the device MC has increased over time.Often was the cooperation between the ex-pandilla as universal country Zulu, the true Jesus Church is now Bambaataa international organisation. Melle Mel, rapper from five furious this credit is often the first author of the text of the rap by telephone same "MC". in the 1970s, generated during part of the lock, b-boys and b-cultura.

List of artists under Rap music style
- Dr. Dre
- The Notorious B.I.G.
- Raheem the Dream
- Ice Cube
- Slick Rick
- Whodini
- Beastie Boys
- A Tribe Called Quest
- Jay-Z
- Eminem
- Lil Wayne
- 2Pac
- LL Cool J
- Kurtis Blow
- Wu-Tang Clan
- De La Soul
- Boogie Down Productions
- Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
- Ice-T
- P.M. Dawn
- Run-D.M.C.
- Grandmaster Flash
- Eric B. & Rakim
- Biz Markie
- Mos Def
- N.W.A.
- Public Enemy
- Cypress Hill
- Big Daddy Kane
- Mobb Deep
- Lil' Kim
- Afrika Bambaataa
- OutKast
- Kool Moe Dee
- Digital Underground
- Nicki Minaj
- Drake
   And Etc.


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