Friday, December 24, 2010

Nicki Minaj Music album Pink Friday

Pink Friday [Deluxe Edition]

Music album review

When around year 2010 made her debut as Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj can still fall into the category "highly anticipated", but the reasoning was different. Two years of strong mixtape and guest was faithful hip-hop music knew that players sometimes dirty could take this courageous Lil ' Kim style to another level, and that the person is in long format was his command. The only question left is how this versatile music artist himself would be submitted to the general public and the answer is a silver Gwen Stefani Baz Luhrman meeting meeting young surprised and disappointed. Good ideas, like the sense of music Nicki Minaj surroundings and Rose Friday, petfood production, is an extraordinary success. Is undeniably new wave diva attitude and textures, create the type of atmosphere where Will.I.Am stops while you say hate to kill with a sample of "video Killed" Radio Star "check It Out". Several big time is when with great, Simple Minds-sampling "Blazin" or "Your Love" Waltz of speakers with a unique brand of Hood Majesty, but when "dear old Nicki" Tower "In hindsight, I loved your rawness and I loved your edge" mack Kanye West and Nicki Minaj suggests that its growth as an artist requires sacrificing quality all Trina. Important traces, "Romans Revenge" find waves, his victory while acting as wild as ever and reached Eminem-that is how gross-and literally Roaring like a tiger to get the job done. This is Nicki mixtape audience fell, and you should just check the sample stick to me Up Scotty mixtape year 2009 Barbie way (read: pop and R & B music style) and females rap and hip-hop Nicki Minaj pages reasonably can be regrouped. At the end of the day is Friday rose an ambitious captivating and brilliant fashion week is your favorite time of the year, but step Minaj win its status as a diva. Longtime music fans familiar with their workings consider nor even at this premiere, an extravagant party only, the kind where we don't mention "sneakers or clothes".

This music album release on Nov 19, 2010. Music style Contemporary R&B, Pop-Rap, Pop, Urban. This album have 16 tracks.

1. I’m the Best  8. Check It Out
2. Roman's Revenge  9. Blazin
3. Did It on 'Em10. Here I Am
4. Right Thru Me11. Dear Old Nicki
5. Fly12. Your Love
6. Save Me13. Last Chance
7. Moment 4 Life
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