Sunday, December 5, 2010

Music Artist Nelly

Music artist "Nelly"

Nelly or Cornell Haynes, Jr., born 2 November 1974 in Austin, Texas, USA. Quickly signed with Universal Music Group, which released his debut on the tag grammar main country in the year 2000. The success of its title, and then 7 the Hot 100 and 1 Hot Rap Tracks on the music album was number three on the Billboard 200 in the United States. Other singles from the music album (E.I.) enabled (Ride Wit me), and (Batter Up). The music album was certified Platinum by RIAA CERTIFICATION 9 of 27 April 2004.

The next years, Nelly returns with his second music album Nellyville (2002) and lived invoicing (NIC) (i.e. the name of its success in the soundtrack 2001 on a given day training): Nelly above during the first product of the Dome (Hot in Herre), remained at the top of the Billboard Albums music chart. In total, impressive view Nelly number one in every ten different Billboard Nelly, exemptions from the week and remained on the chart, the presence of the allowed string follows award: (DILEMMA) "Peak chart", (Air Force Ones) (a Top Three hit), (work IT) (ft. Justin Timberlake and Pimp juice) (the source of controversy).

14 September 2004, Nelly released two music albums: Sweat and an R&B, the music album debuted at number one on the Billboard album or then, based on the rap music album debuted at number two. The combination of a slow Ballad (Over and Over), Duo likely with music star Tim McGraw country became successful crossover. 2004-TV NBC special concert Tim McGraw: here and now, McGraw and Nelly song. A dispute with another base in St. Louis rapper Chingy, arrived at the end of the year. Tsunami aid: Concert of hope, the Indian Ocean earthquake in 2004 Special Earth charity concert produced by NBC, Star Nelly. In the winter of 2005 was the monkeys, compilation of songs from the sweat and continues with three new songs. (Grillz), produced by Jermaine Dupri was number one hits. Until now two music albums sold over 5 million units in the USA.

The time between its issuance and blasting Poing, Germany (2008) must Nelly long between music albums so far, although often collaborates (Ashanti, R. Kelly and T.I., name, but a few) during the downtime. Prestigious 5. 0 (2010) featured the singles "Just a Dream".

List music album of this artist
    Country Grammar                          Universal Distribution   Da Derrty Versions The Reinvention
                Suit                                                   5.0                                            Brass Knuckles


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