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Chris Brown

Chris Brown
Chris Brown

In November 2005, Chris Brown's produced by Scott Storch "run it"Rewrite Usher Yes.-However the Billboard Hot 100 music, the first male explosive 16-year-olds, the artist more than ten years at the top of the chart with a single debut. Although he did not put it down, at least in terms of pop music singer based rank R&B was just for starters. At the end of the Decade was a pop more large stars are active, adhesion top 10 singles and Platinum albums with credit, as well as the constant comparison of Michael Jackson and the multiple roles that works on the side. Momentum slowed when, in 2009, have pleaded guilty for his girlfriend Rihanna attack-one of the largest celebrity news.

Brown comes from a small town in Virginia called Tappahannock. How many children born after the beginning of the 1980s, initially in music, his parents, but ultimately fell under the spell of the hip-hop music style. "during this period reached adolescence, discovers its ability to sing and MC f ' ing. Move to New York, resulted in the detection of TINA Davis, CEO of Def Jam & R, who became Director of the singer shortly after that he lost his position when merging of Sony BMG. Yours label, due partly to capture young artists who have created the longevity (as Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake), won the war call for tender for Brown and leg various songs of heavy weight and production, including unique Bryan-Michael Cox, Dr. Chris & Vidal, Sean Garrett, Storch, for self-titled debut music album. Immediate success top 10, when released in 2005, Chris Brown is not just a number "run it", but the other two top 10 singles, "Yo (excuse me miss)" and "Say Goodbye". Exclusive, published in 2007, with a bit of a departure from the squeaky Clean image that is displayed while the debut was even greater success with the single "Kiss Kiss" and two top five hits. Yet another blow for five major came with a "no air," a Duet with sparks Jordin KARE which appeared on their self titled music album by spinthirwn.

In March of 2009, accused Brown perfidious Rihanna-an issue that prevents girlfriend scene Gkrami for attacks. Brown has been programmed to do so, but it doesn't appear to keep a low profile in a few months. Coffee extracted song rotation on several radio music stations provoked reactions. Ultimately, however, have little impact on the life and music career. one week prior to December the third music album, Graffiti, "I can transform ya" release was already almost 20 top Hot 100 music charts and its role-a place where the Stomp the yard and double the role-not showed no signs of drying.

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