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Music Artist "Drake"

Aubrey Drake Graham (born 24 October 1986) Toronto, Ontario. He is the son of Denis Graham, drummer who has worked with Jerry Lee Lewis and Sandy Graham, teacher. Two of his uncles, Larry Graham and beauty Hodges is also a musician. Graham is the father of African Americans in Memphis, Tennessee and the mother knows Graham Canadian Jewish. He joined the Jewish primary school and a bar mitzvah. Her parents divorced when he was five and building was raised by his mother in the immediate vicinity of Forest Hill rich in Toronto. Graeme was in Forest Hill high school student Institute, where he began to pray, but not complete. He spent summers with his father in Memphis.

Registration for the Mononym Drake is a Canadian actor. Originally known character Jimmy Brooks in the television series Degrassi: the next generation.

Records with Graham, PP, silver young entertainment signed in June 2009. In November 2009 CP a declaration which was announcement Drake published Thanks much later full Studio album, completed. The music album was released on 15 June 2010 and debuted at number one of the Billboard 200 music charts.

Graham worked with several other music style hip hop artist Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Eminem, Kanye West and Jay - Z. With the success of their converted previous mixtape was Graham for numerous awards, including a Grammy nominated, also used, to perform at the Grammy Awards in 2010. He won numerous awards, including two Juno Awards for writing RAPS in 2010 and best new artist.

List music album of this artist

   So Far Gone_2009                         Drought Is Over_2009                Young & Succcessful_2010
Thank Me Later_2010

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