Friday, November 12, 2010

Music Album (Need You Now) By Lady Antelbellum

Need You Now

Lady Antebellum preceded by reveal to music album Need You Now by issuing title track is the only on the highest point in a geography and five straight weeks was one of their two and are a waste of time, is not linked with the “American Honey,” just two months before this music album in stock audio specifically Scott little, but has a particular form of phrasing and reaches deep into the personal situation of its protagonist, regardless of whether it is a good time girl in celebratory“American Honey,”or wildly in love waiting on hymn of women "Hold on Tight." group companies on the set--mandatory Day-these are "Stars Tonight, which consists of more than a couple of cliché, but a killer guitar riffs and harmonise the infection that co-production by Paul Worley, Lady Antebellum demonstrated that no sophomore slump is on Need You Now. This classification of polished and professional modern brand of symmetry above it their debut as faultless in thousands of songs, music production and performance.

This music album release on Jan 26, 2010.
Music style Contemporary Country, Country-Pop.
This music album have 11 tracks.

          1. Need You Now
          2. Our Kind of Love
          3. American Honey
          4. Hello World
          5. Perfect Day
          6. Love This Pain
          7. When You Got a Good Thing
          8. Stars Tonight
          9. If I Knew Then
        10. Something 'Bout a Woman
        11. Ready to Love Again

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