Thursday, November 11, 2010

Country Music

Immigrants in the maritime provinces and the Appalachian mountains of the mountain in American music and documents from the old world with more than 300 years. Led some of the most important values, since most of them, this means: "the first settlers were Scottish violin because it can play sound sad and frustrating or bright, bouncy" The Irish fiddle, German derives Italian mandolin, dulcimer, guitar and banjo West African musical instruments are more frequent. Interaction between the musicians from various ethnic groups of musical products unique region in North America. Appalachian mountains at the beginning of 20th century string band was mainly violin, guitar and banjo. This music home recorded at the beginning of music is often called the old classical music.

According to the draft Bill Malone in the United States country music,  "has been introduced into the world of the South". Traditional music has been in the South, the combination of cultural managers, which combines the musical traditions of the various ethnic groups in the region. For example some instrumental works Druid songs and ballads of immigrants, which we now know of ancient music, country music is from. Commonly accepted that British people affect the development of early music. United Kingdom Ireland supplement to the South, the USA including immigrants from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Often, when many people think or listen to the country to see how Americans and Europeans. However, the very style-and, of course, banjo, an important for most of us early-tool songs were African-American. One of the reasons for the country music created by Americans, but often worked also European-American, black and white in rural communities in the South and played with PBS documentary remembers DeFord Bailey DeFord Bailey: Legend of the forgotten. In the 19th century was moved several groups of immigrants from Europe, Germany, Spain, Ireland and Italy, Texas. The group interacts with the indigenous communities and Mexico and the United States has already spent in Texas. This coexistence and prolonged contact developed the unique cultural characteristics of Texas, the roots of culture of the founder.

List of artist

- Tom T. Hall
- Dwight Yoakam
- David Grisman
- Willie Nelson
- Roy Acuff
- Dolly Parton
- Bill Monroe
- George Strait
- Ray Price
- Tony Trischka
- The Judds
- Jim & Jesse
- The Lilly Brothers
- Mac Wiseman
- Osborne Brothers
- The Country Gentlemen
- Vassar Clements
- Norman Blake
- Alison Brown
- Emmylou Harris
- Merle Haggard
- Alan Jackson
- The Dillards
- Bashful Brother Oswald
- Garth Brooks
- Alabama
  and etc.

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