Friday, November 26, 2010

Neon Trees Music Album Habits

Music Album Habits By Neon Trees
Music Album review

It is not surprising that the Neon Trees open to American murderers, their Tour 2008 the same kind of texts, hyper-literate and props-inteligentes, exceeding the Habits of debut music album. Quartet of Provo, Utah is not huge ambition and sometimes too heavy, Brandon flowers and society. Instead, the Neon Trees lead targeted and captivating, development unrepentantly songs from vocals with huge and where everything is exactly the allocated time. Although elements of the position of the punk and pop punk danza here and there the riff Stab "Love and Affection" are pure block Neon Trees absorption in knowing how to completely pop music. The first single, "Animal", the accuracy of pop punk uses the properties of its bases and then covered with a light synthesizer, and brasements stack. "In the Next Room" Piano naughty immediately care "The Lovecats" in mind, even if the rest of the music is pure pop, a placeholder for the year 2000 a marquee Neon Trees are notified is almost an hour with the fault of the next, you can leave a little more than exclusivity in their works. However, this mini albums Show pop music indisputable skills.

This music album release on Mar 16, 2010.
Music style Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock.
This music album have 8 tracks
1.Sins of My Youth
2.Love and Affection
4.Your Surrender
6.Girls and Boys In School
7.In the Next Room
8.Our War
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