Monday, November 15, 2010

David Guetta Music Album (One Love)

One Love 2010

Title not only full of the usual philosophy, David Guetta, radio rotation love show moniker and mix music album F***I'm Famous!, misleading information about the direction of also hijack devices. This music album is more patchwork keeps track of all the previous editions, a manufacturer of home, the choice, "I Gotta Feeling," peas, Black Eyed Peas have officially, David Guetta. However, resistance of the material, no doubt, especially in TRANS knife "When Loves Takes Over," who stole Coldplay Reef and Ronaldinho add hearing for large margin of the filler. Herky jerky "Electro House that his signature actually"Gettin' Over", the voice of the Gospel and the Gospels often characterized Chris overwhelming Guetta Willis invited." Akon and interpretations of the guilty pleasures are a perfect match "Sexy Bitch" and then a small group B or B-plus material completion half cut SMOS and the rise of Estelle title music track support to another level. Even if everything seems to be built for 12 "and then it's on the music album exuberant but for all music fans Guetta homework, what you want, and then put some."

This music album release on Aug 25, 2009.
Music styles Club/Dance, House, Progressive House.
This music album have 13 tracks.

          1. When Love Takes Over
          2. Gettin' Over
          3. Sexy Bitch
          4. Memories
          5. Missing You
          6. It's the Way You Love Me
          7. Choose
          8. On the Dancefloor
          9. I Gotta Feeling [FMIF Remix Edit]
        10. One Love
        11. Sound of Letting Go
        12. I Wanna Go Crazy
        13. [CD-ROM Track]
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